Denodo DataFest 2016 – Event Report

Event Background
Denodo’s DataFest 2016 (#DenodoDataFest) certainly delivered to its theme of ‘Rapid, Agile Data Strategies for Accelerating Analytics, Cloud, and Big Data Initiatives’. The conference was held on October 18th in the San Francisco Bay area close to Denodo’s Silicon Valley-based US headquarters with each session simultaneously webcast providing attendees flexible options for participation.

Denodo Data Fest 2016 - Angel Vina, CEO, Keynote

Angel Vina, Denodo CEO, delivered the opening Keynote entitled Propelling Data Into the New Age. Vina said that Denodo makes the ‘any’ in anything a reality. Denodo handles data of any type, from any place, at any speed, handling any query, and serves any data consumption preference. He contrasted Denodo from Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes stating that Denodo is a no-ETL solution and because of this Denodo promotes agility and flexibility. ETL historically reduces agility, flexibility, and simplicity and is generally associated with long development periods and high costs. Vina went on the record stating that Denodo is fully committed to supporting cloud and big data technologies as can be seen in the new capabilities included in the two major and 8 minor releases over the last two years. Vina closed his keynote by declaring that Denodo is the right partner for your organization’s transformational journey.

Session Highlights
During the first customer-led presentation, Josh Wise, Enterprise Architect with Intel, spoke of the long road to their Denodo implementation and how it has evolved into a horizontal service offering within IT that experiences double digit usage growth year over year. Wise also spoke of Intel’s use of the Logical Data Warehouse design pattern and how the re-usable shared views provide convenience and efficiency for the business users.

Next we heard from Larry Dawson, Enterprise Architect from Asurion, who spoke of their journey with Denodo. Dawson estimates that analysts and others are completing their data integration efforts three times faster than prior to investing in Denodo. That 3x productivity boost is quite impressive but Dawson also mentioned the ease with which the Denodo installation was completed saying it was the smoothest launch of an enterprise product he’s seen.

Tim Fredricks, Enterprise Data Architect at VSP Global, described how, using Denodo, VSP Global was able to remedy a failed Master Data Management (MDM) effort by virtualizing the data mastering of five of VSP’s companies. VSP first tried to master these five company’s data without Denodo, choosing to build ETL jobs and synchronize data across each of the five organization’s databases using bi-directional ETL jobs running to/from each of the other four company’s corresponding databases. Once this approach failed, VPS installed Denodo and now each data elements is moved no more than twice in order to bring all five companies into sync in a supportable, maintainable manner.

We later heard a product feature updates from Alberto Pan, CTO for Denodo, who also mentioned that we can expect a beta version of v7 in the second quarter of 2017. Suresh Chandrasekaran Sr. Vice President at Denodo, gave us a glimpse of an “Enterprise Data Marketplace”, which is a shopping-cart type data selection experience developed internally at a Denodo client demonstrating just how well Denodo enables innovation and agility.

In the absence of the Cisco Data & Analytics conference this fall and considering the success of the Denodo DataFest, it seems as if a torch has been passed from vendor to vendor, further strengthening the growth and maturity of data virtualization as a business-accelerator, a technology capability, and a modern architectural pattern.